Eiffage Immobilier innove avec un support de communication gonflé avec DESIGN PADDLE !

Eiffage Immobilier innovates with an inflated communication support with DESIGN PADDLE!



A program with a strong architectural bias, the Art Deco residence of Eiffage Immobilier is adorned with chic codes.

An elegant paddle as an advertising act?

To communicate on this unique project, Eiffage called on DESIGN PADDLE to implement a 100% personalized paddle bearing the image of the program. The DESIGN PADDLE teams have specially designed tailor-made graphics to enhance this program. This inflated advertising act made it possible to catch the eye of future prospects with its size and originality! A successful bet for Eiffage Immobilier with this chic support which responds to the atmosphere and ambition of the program.

DESIGN PADDLE, an innovative brand made in France

This new daring concept is signed DESIGN PADDLE. This innovative brand offers a whole range of 100% customizable paddles, tailored to each professional project. Whether you are a business, tourist office or event company, DESIGN PADDLE helps you promote your brand, create an event and surprise your customers. Several real estate development brands have already taken up the concept, notably Covivio in Bordeaux for its Noème program and Bouygues Immobilier in Vannes for its Maritimes program in Conleau. The paddle brand wishes to favor transparent and responsible manufacturing, particularly with the selection of French and Breton suppliers, as soon as it is possible to implement it. DESIGN PADDLE is above all a team on a human scale that brings your communication to life through a sustainable, original act that reflects your projects!

Do you want to play the difference card to boost your communication? DESIGN-PADDLE.com


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