Made in France


Design Paddle is a brand deployed by Quintesis Design, a Morbihan company created 24 years ago.

Design Paddle is an idea born in France, developed in France and designed in France. The inflatable bodies are made in Asia (Qindao) by a reliable and serious partner developing high-quality know-how that we no longer have in France or in Europe. The high-tech manufacturing deployed on the Design Paddle range allows us to offer you a product of high nautical quality and very high graphic quality. We support French manufacturing as soon as possible, notably with the development of fins produced in Brittany as well as customizations carried out in our premises and printing workshops based in the west of France.


The Design Paddle team in our creative studio in Vannes

It's clear :

Design Brittany
Marketing Brittany
PAD EVA customization Brittany
Technical studies office Brittany
PAD HYPALON customization Brittany
Workshop Brittany
Logistics Brittany
R&D Brittany
After-sales service Brittany
Vintage handle Brittany
Inflatable body Asia
Accessories Asia
Artistic collaborations France / Europe

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