Model Roz

FROM €680 excluding VAT*

Create the event with ROZ. Bright, vibrant, positive, it is a unique creation from Maison Aelmat for Paddle Design in a limited series. ROZ means rose in Breton, with all the energy and creativity that characterizes the Breizh connection.

Inflatable standup paddle sold as a complete kit with all accessories.
Order possible from 3 copies.

Order more, pay less!

20 PADDLES €680 per unit*
10 PADDLES €780 per unit*
5 PADDLES €880 per unit*
3 PADDLES €980 per unit*

*Price excluding tax. Applicable VAT 20%. Automatic discount placed in your cart.


Technical charges : €300 excluding tax > offered until April 30, 2024
Deadline : 3 weeks
Delivery : 1 point Metropolitan France
Graphic creation option by our designers: on request

Applicable VAT 20%.


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