Spots de paddle dans le Morbihan

Paddle spots in Morbihan

Find many places around Vannes suitable for paddle boarding.

  • Golf du Morbihan : As one of the region's top attractions, the Golf du Morbihan offers great paddle boarding opportunities. You can depart from Vannes and explore the many islands, bays and coves of the gulf.
  • Île d'Arz : located near Vannes, the Île d'Arz is an ideal place for a paddle excursion. You can paddle around the island, enjoying the beaches and stunning coastal landscapes.
  • Marais de Séné nature reserve : a few kilometers east of Vannes, the Marais de Séné nature reserve offers a peaceful environment for paddle boarding. You can sail through the marshes and observe the local flora and fauna.
  • Arzal Dam : The Arzal Dam, located on the Vilaine River, is another interesting place for paddle boarding around Vannes. You can paddle on the river, enjoy the surrounding nature and discover the locks of the dam.
  • Beaches of the Rhuys Peninsula : the Rhuys Peninsula, located east of Vannes, is home to superb beaches ideal for paddle boarding. The beaches of Penvins, Saint-Jacques and Kerver offer ideal conditions for paddling along the coast.

Whether you choose to paddle the Golf of Morbihan, explore the surrounding islands, or enjoy the waterways and beaches near Vannes, you will find many beautiful places to enjoy paddle boarding. Make sure you follow the safety rules.

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